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"All truth passes through 3 phases: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed, and Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860

MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ® is a clinically oriented symposium. The first symposium was held in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ® is organized and presented by a federal and state licensed healthcare provider. A variety of topics, derived from needs based analysis, are covered in formal didactic lectures. There is also be allotted time for question and answer sessions as well as informal discussions among attendees and speakers.


LEARNING OBJECTIVES for the MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ® and future symposiums, for all participants is to know (1) the history of marijuana, (2) definition of useful terms, (3) history of the discovery and the current understanding of the endogenous human cannabinoid system, (4) update on federal and 14 state laws regarding medical marijuana use, (5) the approved "debilitating" conditions for medical marijuana, (6) the appropriate physician-caregiver-patient relationships including documentation in the patient's personal medical record, (7) statistics regarding use and abuse of marijuana, esp. among youth; (8) informational resources available to healthcare professionals, caregivers, law enforcement and educators; (9) pharmacokinetics, metabolism and elimination of exogenous cannabinoids in humans, (10) adverse effects of smoking marijuana on oral health and implications for dental care, (11) drug interactions of medical marijuana with other medications dispensed by pharmacists, and (12) search for the "perfect marijuana".

Illicit and recreational use of marijuana is NOT the focus of this symposium. Recreational use of tobacco, ethanol and marijuana, esp among people less than 21 years of age, is strongly discouraged even in countries where such use is allowed. The entirety of the educational material presented during this symposium is applicable to:

Physicians Nurses Dentists Pharmacists
Law Enforcement Attorneys Psychologists, counselors, social workers Educators
Community leaders Clergy Alternative medicine providers Third party payers (insurance)
Hospice personnel Caregivers Federal, state, and city health agencies Pharmaceutical companies

Registration for the symposium is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in learning the facts (and dispelling the myths) about medical marijuana use. A widely accepted definition of a "medicine" is a substance that treats, prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease. Therefore, marijuana is a "medicine" despite how legal jurisdictions often define marijuana as "not medicine". For more information on future dates and locations of MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ®, please contact Byron L Barksdale, M.D.. by Email or call 308-530-3759.

A self-graded pre-test and post-test will be administered during the symposium along with a "needs analysis" survey for use in future symposia. A certificate of attendance will be issued to all attendees who "sign in" and attend the symposium.

The Gold Standard for Medical Marijuana Patient Care

We are not Certified Public Accountants or tax advisors. Please consult with your personal tax professionals regarding your eligibility to possibly deduct air travel, lodging, registration fee and your meals, as a "business related expense", on your personal federal and state income tax returns if you attend any symposium. All attendees are free to make their personal travel and lodging arrangements. You can stay at any hotel you wish and, if you scuba dive, you can contract with any dive operator you choose. We are not in the travel agency business. We are in the medical marijuana educational symposium business!

sting ray city

Stingray City, Grand Cayman

For more information on the recently held Grand Cayman MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ® or future dates and locations of MARIJUANA SYMPOSIUM ®, please contact Byron L Barksdale, M.D.. by Email or call 308-532-4700.

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